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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is often times an arduous task. With plenty to weight us down it is important to remember that health and wellness start from within and it is our personal responsibility to create a healthy balance in our own lives. A healthy lifestyle comes just as much from physical health, as it does from healthy thinking. A few tips on how to achieve and maintain healthy thinking:

  • Keep in mind that clear thinking is the cornerstone for healthy behavior and emotion.
  • Replace irrational thinking (It’s too late, I’ve made too many mistakes) with more rational thoughts and solutions (Each day is an opportunity, I’ve made some mistakes, but who hasn’t?)
  • In times of emotional stress and turmoil stick to the facts, not your interpretation of the facts.
  • Clear thinking will limit the blame put on others and force a more introspective analysis.
  • Remember, healthy thinking is solution-focused not problem-focused.

With a clear head we are more open to loving ourselves and others, which will undeniably lead us to create a much healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Always keep in mind the advice of our great Swiss Wiz – Think Straight, Feel Great!

Think Straight, Feel Great!

Do you tend to focus on the hole…what’s missing from your life, or do you focus on the whole part of the relationship?

If you don’t have everything, do you have nothing?

Positive thinking benefits you in your work and your personal life!

Nine out of ten people say they are more productive when they are around positive people.

  • Negative people bring negative energy to the activity, group, organization, and the environment that they are in.
  • Your thoughts influence your feelings, your feelings influence your behavior.

If you find yourself not thinking straight, how about stopping for a minute to W.A.I.T!

Ask yourself, “What Am I Thinking?”

Am I thinking rational thoughts or am I filled with irrational thoughts that are judgmental, critical and blowing things out of proportion? Am I looking at things in black and white, and making mountains out of molehills?

Get rid of your negative tapes inside your head, discard and replace with nurturing, healthy thoughts.

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