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5 Tips to Being in BALANCE

Do you have to complete things, just to get them out of “the way” and find yourself just grinning and bearing rather than enjoying things?

Do you always find yourself running like a motor that can never be turned off?

Are you off -balance, teetering on the tightrope of your daily life, but you still haven’t learned to give yourself a plank instead of a tightrope to walk on? If you feel like you are about to fall off, you are not in balance!

Do you tell yourself, “I will get there,” but you never do get there, because there is always some other excuse for not balancing your life?

If the answer is “yes to any of these, Stop and take time for yourself! Not next week, not tomorrow, but daily! Here’s how:

  1. Take as little as 15 minute a day, and slowly increase over time, to focus on quieting your mind and settling yourself, which means no work, no cell phone, no checking emails, no catch up phone calls…just time to breathe, calm reserve, just time for quieting the mind.
  2. Asking yourself during this time “What is it that I need to replenish myself? What am I avoiding by stopping and slowing down? Do I have fears that keep me going and doing more, fears that I am not good enough or others will get ahead if I slow down. These are irrational thoughts that keep us from doing things that make us become a more holistic person,complete person!
  3. Begin today, and everyday, by saying to yourself “I will learn to allow myself time to think about what I can do for myself each day that gives me the feeling that I am taking care of myself.”
  4. For each of us incorporating less into our daily hectic lives free up time to spend with our loved ones, including our most beloved – ourselves! We can’t be there for others if we are not fully there ourselves.
  5. Remind yourself you are a human being and not a “human doing.” Decide how you want to divide your time rather than have time divide you!
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