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Here’s What The Experts Say About The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!:

“This book shows you how to take complete control of your thoughts and emotions, and live a wonderful life!”

- Brian Tracy, Author – No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline
International Motivational Speaker and Author

“An engagingly fun “cookbook” of recipes for self-discovery. Tips, tests, tool-kits, and clever insights make for a 
practical handbook for harnessing your emotions and fulfilling your life-goals.”
-Neal Roese, Professor and Author of If Only
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

“In today’s complicated and challenging society, we often struggle to make sense of the bad hand that life 
sometimes deals us.  The ‘Swiss Cheese Theory of Life’ offers a simple, yet compelling guide to follow in 
achieving personal transformation.  This book offers a refreshing approach to helping us ‘reshuffle the deck’ 
and tap into that inner resilience that we need to achieve a more fruitful existence.  I highly recommend this 
book to anyone who is contemplating changing their life.”
– Frank M. Dattilio, Ph.D., ABPP Department of Psychiatry
Author and Editor , Harvard Medical School

“Even if you are lactose intolerant ‘The Swiss Cheese Theory of life’, will offer you some 
really valuable advice to help you get through difficult times and live life in a  balanced way.” 
-  Sophie Keller, Happiness Expert and Author of ‘How Happy is‘ book series.

“Smart, concise and clever, The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life offers brief therapy for dealing
with disappointment,loss and leftovers from a dysfunctional childhood.”  
-  Jane Adams, Ph.D.
Author of Boundary Issues and I’m Still Your Mother

“Although therapy is one of the greatest gifts to humanity, it is still under-utilized due to stigma and costs. Judy Belmont and Lora Shor see this obstacle as just another hole in the Swiss Cheese to get through. They get through it with this very charming, fun and informative book. They use the Swiss Cheese metaphor to show you how to get unstuck from just about any stressful situation. They have taken some of the most effective therapeutic tools and they offer it up in a delicious fondue of wisdom for everyone to enjoy. I highly recommend it.”
– Robert M. Gordon, Ph.D. ABPP 
Author, An Expert Look at Love, Intimacy and Personal Growth.
Board Certified  in Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis in Psychology 
The Institute for Advanced Psychological Training

“Using a humorous, lighthearted touch, Belmont and Shor provide a clear 
analysis of what so often goes wrong, and perspectives on getting through
life’s rough spots. Buy one to enjoy on your own, and copies for your friends
who are always complaining!”
–Shel Horowitz 
Author of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

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