Nang Canisters

Nang canisters Melbourne are readily available in Australia, sold in packs of 10 for $10 at corner stores, or in bulk online. Some online stores advertise delivery around the clock. Maighan Brandwood regularly buys canisters for her friends and has compared the convenience to using UberEats. She has also used nangs to make late-night cakes, which have proved to be popular with locals.

It Is Important To Avoid Inhaling Nitrous Oxide While Standing Up

While nangs look like small canisters, they actually contain an odourless gas, known as nitrous oxide. This gas is used for various purposes including baking to whip cream and dental applications. It is extremely rare in Australia to die from nitrous oxide alone, but in a recent case of accidental overdose, a 22-year-old man named Aaron McDonald died. It is unknown whether the nangs were the cause of his death, but his father Jess Cochran believes the dealers had blood on their hands when they sold him the canisters.

The safety of nangs is a major concern. In Australia, approximately 10 tonnes of spent nang canisters are buried every year. This is roughly equivalent to the weight of seven cars. The metal in nangs is recyclable, but nitrous oxide is too toxic to be recycled, so they end up in landfills.

In Australia, two deaths have been attributed to nangs. One occurred in the Gold Coast when a nang user fell from a balcony while high. Nitrous oxide is commonly used in dental surgeries, but it has a number of negative side effects and is therefore best used under medical supervision. For example, nang users can experience dissociation, dizziness, and temporary loss of motor control. Consequently, it is important to avoid inhaling nitrous oxide while standing up.

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