Roller Conveyor Stand With a Caster

The Stohr family, who have roots in Amish Country in Pennsylvania, have been a part of the material handling industry for over 10 years. They founded Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry, and they have a 60-year track record of experience in material handling solutions.

What type of casters are best?

Conveyor and Caster – Equipment for Industry’s expertise in materials handling can be summed up as “experience, honesty, respect, and clear communication.” These qualities have helped the company grow to become a supplier for a wide range of industries, and to become a trusted partner in material handling solutions.

Conveyer & Caster – equipment for industry is a storage and material handling solution provider that sells into almost every industry segment. They offer custom fabrication, service, and installation. It is their goal to be your preferred partner for all your material handling needs. Learn more :

Conveyer & Caster offers heavy duty industrial wheels and casters. They are available in swivel style and rigid style, and come in both 5″ and 8″ diameters. They also have a variety of options such as wheel locks and hard rolling surfaces, which help prevent flat spots on the wheel.

The company’s engineering division, Conceptual Innovations, has extensive experience in re-engineering failing components in the heavy industry, and has developed products to extend the life of conveyors. As a result, the company has a track record of delivering high-quality subassemblies with short lead times.

A roller conveyor stand with a caster is a great way to move your equipment, whether it’s next to a bandsaw, sanders, or packaging conveyor. This portable solution is ideal for moving any machine, and can even be used next to a table saw.

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