Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

Often called the “golden teachers mushrooms are a popular choice among new psychedelic users. They offer a transcendent experience that helps users achieve a deeper connection to nature and their own inner selves.

The Golden Teachers are known for their moderately high levels of Psilocybin, a substance which gives them a unique instructive quality. This can include an awareness of mortality and a change in beliefs.

Golden Teachers are also known for their shamanistic properties. In addition, they may produce moments of euphoria.

For the most part, they are not difficult to grow. Golden Teacher magic mushrooms require a favourable environment to grow, though. A constant temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and high humidity of around 80% are recommended.

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms grow from spores. These can be cultivated in a propagator. Spores should be mixed with an organic solution that keeps the spores from sticking to the substrate. It also adds extra nutrition and improves the shelf life of the spores.


Golden Teachers can be consumed in small doses. However, the ideal dosage is based on individual personality and medical condition. If you have taken medications in the past, you may want to take a larger dose.

Golden Teachers are ideal for new psychedelic users because they have a low risk of giving you a bad trip. The ideal dosage is usually between one-tenth and one-fifth of a gram.

Some people feel a strong sense of love and peace when they take the Golden Teacher. They can also have vivid visual distortions and euphoric feelings.

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