Interior Design Trends for 2023

Interior design is the art of creating pleasant spaces for people to live, work and play in. It’s a creative field that involves a wide range of skills, including space planning, product selection and sourcing, furniture design and arranging the layout of a room or building.

What is the basic study of interior design?

Designers are responsible for meeting with clients, discussing their goals and budgets and evaluating existing interiors. They will often use photos and inspiration to help pinpoint their client’s aesthetic preferences before presenting a number of design options.

Once the design is agreed upon, interior design produce plans and drawings to demonstrate layouts (spatial planning) as well as a proposed design scheme. They will also create a project timeline and specification schedules to help with procurement and act as a liaison between the client, tradespeople and fit-out specialists.

In 2023, curved shapes are becoming a staple of interior design trends as homeowners and businesses embrace the natural world. For example, curved elements can be found in accent walls that add dimension to a room, or in furnishings that reflect an organic and fluid form. This design trend is also reflected in the movement toward sustainable materials, with fabrics and furnishings made from renewable and recycled sources growing in popularity.

Finally, light is a key component of any interior design scheme. Studies show that natural light can reduce fatigue and increase productivity, and it’s easy to incorporate in a home or commercial space by using skylights, strategically placed mirrors and lighter wall colors.

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