How to Find Last-Minute Hotels

last minute hotels

The thrill of spontaneous travel and the ability to embark on exciting adventures at a moment’s notice makes last minute hotels a popular choice. With the right approach, hotels can maximize revenue opportunities while ensuring guests receive an unforgettable experience.

Signing up for deal alerts on hotel booking websites and apps can help travelers stay updated on the latest last-minute deals. This will ensure travelers are among the first to hear about flash sales, limited-time promotions, and discounted rates. Additionally, signing up for a hotel loyalty program can provide travelers with exclusive discounts, rewards, and perks.

Adventurous Spontaneity: Your Guide to Booking Last-Minute Hotels for Impromptu Getaways

Traveling during the off-season can also be beneficial in terms of securing a great last-minute hotel deal. Typically, hotel prices are lower during the weekdays, when fewer people are traveling for leisure. This can also lead to a less crowded hotel experience.

If a hotel is struggling to fill rooms during the last few days before check-in, Harvey recommends calling the front desk or reservations line and asking for a discount. This can sometimes result in a better rate or even an upgrade.

New York City is one of the best places to score last-minute hotel deals due to its abundant cultural attractions. Many travelers may be tempted to stay in a more famous neighborhood such as Times Square, but hotels in the surrounding neighborhoods, such as the East Village or Brooklyn’s thriving DUMBO district, often offer great last-minute hotel deals. Alternatively, it can be worth trying out a new hotel that’s just opened, as these hotels are often eager to fill their empty rooms.

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