IPQS Phone Number Carrier Tool API

Verify a phone number’s carrier, line type (landline, cell, VOIP), location and more with IPQS. The API easily integrates into your website or app. You can validate a single phone number or verify a list of numbers in real-time. Included in the API are a fraud risk score and recent abuse data. These quality signals give you greater confidence to prevent fake accounts and detect chargeback fraud before it occurs.

What is the app that hides your real phone number?

IPQS phone carrier tool is the leading global provider of phone validation API for user screening and fraud detection. Our team combines advanced historical and real-time blocklists with dynamic risk scoring to help you identify fraud risks faster than other providers.

Our phone number validation API enriches landline and cellular numbers in over 150 countries with carrier, line type, VOIP status, and more. We also provide advanced HLR lookups utilizing direct relationships with mobile network operators to identify portability data and active line status. Our powerful phone number validation and VOIP detection helps you better protect your business from fraud, spam, scams, robo calls and affiliate fraud.

Streamline your user verification, account takeover prevention and lead scoring with more than 30 phone number risk signals including fraud, spam, spoofing, and suspicious payment behavior. Combine our phone number validation API with additional reputation checks including email validation and proxy and VPN detection for more comprehensive user screening. Our powerful fraud detection API is trusted by top websites and companies of all sizes to prevent bots, fake users, and bad actors from ruining your online business.

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