Installing a Lexington Garage Door

For homeowners who are looking to maximize energy efficiency and comfort in their homes, a Lexington garage door is a crucial component. These products are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to suit any home décor or budget. By working with a professional, homeowners can ensure the installation process is completed safely and properly to minimize the risk of damage or injuries. Professionals can also recommend additional measures that can improve home energy efficiency, such as proper sealing and weatherstripping, adequate ventilation, and energy-efficient lighting.

How do I reset my garage door?

Located in Lexington, Premier Overhead Doors serves clients throughout the city’s metro area. It sells residential and commercial garage doors and provides installation services for custom-fabricated ones. Its technicians are trained to install raised-panel and carriage style doors in different thicknesses, surface treatments, and colors to complement various homes. Additionally, they are equipped to repair issues involving misaligned rollers, bent tracks, broken springs, and faulty openers. Clients can reach the company via phone to schedule appointments.

Founded in 2001, Precision Door Service of Lexington has been operating in the Lexington metro area since its establishment. It is available round-the-clock to perform repairs on a wide range of garage doors, including those from popular brands. The professionals offer detailed estimates that outline projected costs and time requirements. Moreover, they can recommend the most appropriate lubricant for each situation. Silicone-based lubricants are preferable as they are suitable for cold climatic conditions. Excessive lubrication, however, can result in increased environmental filth and heating, as well as chemical deterioration of metal.

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